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Jeeva Samadhi of Sree Siva Prabhakar ji, who had lived for 723 years

Rare known feats of our great Yogis - the greatest one is the mastery over death. When man clings on dearly to his or her life, hoping to extend it as much as possible through whatever possible means, on the other end, Yogis attain complete mastery over their bodies by not just learning how to leave the body at will but also to extend it to whatever age they wish to or to even leave one body and enter the other at will - all only for one selfless reason - to serve humanity. Bramhananda Sree Siva Prabhakar is one of such rare Siddhas, who continued existing on planet earth for 723 years by incarnating himself for 17 times!

i was visiting one of the living Avadhuts - Avadhut Yogini Amma of Talasherri, Kerala, when i noticed a photo of a oddly-bearded man with eyes that penetrated into the looker. i was somewhat mesmerised by this photo but never bothered to ask about it. I have frequented many times to meet Amma and take her blessings but the last time i met her in February 2020, this photo was on Amma's bed. i asked the caretaker of Amma who was he and he said he was Sree Siva Prabhakar and gave more details. I asked him how come this photo is here. He just replied, "They (referring to Amma and See Siva Prabhakar ji are all from one clan of Avadhuts".

Since that visit i was deeply stirred by that photo and decided that i must visit this place Omalur, where is his Jeeva Samadhi. I was anyways in Kanhangad, Kerala and so left to my Uncle-Aunty;s home in Kochi, Kerala. From there after a day took a train straight to Omalur, where i had no idea about this place. i got down at Mavelikara, from where i had no idea where to go. i inquired and soon found out that i will need to take a bus to Pattanamthita and from there would get a bus to Omalur. I did so. There are frequent buses from Mavelikara to Patanamthita but from there to get a bus to Omalur is something. After reaching Omalur, i took an auto towards Sree Prabhakar's Samadhi and realized that it was atop a small hill where there was no other transport available. No buses coming this this and it was a deserted road with few houses here and there on that hill. When the auto guy dropped me there and left there was only the Samadhi temple of the Yogi and few other small constructs that seemed to be some small temples and other little rooms. Not a soul in sight. i wondered how on earth would i return from here to the town down from where i would need to catch an auto back to Patanamthita and from there take a bus back to Mavelikara from where i could alight a train back to Kochi. All these thoughts came in a jiff and as my usual brushing aside of such thoughts, i walked towards the Samadhi, knowing firmly that as always everything will be taken care of. The samadhi was closed but that will never matter. i put my heavy bag down and then noticed there was a man sitting there and i went and sat down in one of the chairs lying there. He spoke and seemed to be a regular visiting devotee but he was badly disturbed with some personal events, which he shared with me. He also shared the greatness of this place and how he had received all answers and solutions previously.

i sat down to meditate and meditated there for long. By the time i opened my eyes, i found that the man had gone but there were other two local devotees who had come there. Speaking to them i found that they had all information about the place as they were regular devotees. After sometime, i took my mobile and did a LIVE session n Facebook, showing everyone online about this place and as i moved around i saw that there was a rocky mountain. Explaining about the whole place and about Sree Prabhakar ji i took more than an hour to do this, not realizing that it was getting late now. It was almost 5 pm and i had to probably walk all down this hill and reach Omalur from where my fate would direct me with a bus to Patanamthita. Realizing this, i quickly winded up the LIVE session and came back to the Samadhi temple, where i was surprised to see that out of the two gentleman one had left and the other person was still there. He seemed to be waiting for me. i was not sure but when i went and picked back my bag, he also got up, which is when i realized that yes, he was indeed waiting for me. He quickly got his parked car and i asked if he could drop me down and he said sure, even though we both knew that this is how it was happening. Thanking him i sat in his car and we spoke for a while. I was just talking to the viewers on Facebook about the strange connection
between Sree Siva Prabhakar ji and Amaritanandamayi Amma (the hugging saint), and here inside his car, on the dashboard, i see Amma's photo. Delighted i ask the gentleman who is driving me down and he shares with me that he is Amma's devotee and he came to know about Sree Sivaprabhakar ji only after meeting Amma. He shared how Amma was a teenager when Siva Prabhakar ji lived here. She was told about him to which she said that if the Yog is there, it will happen. Very soon, it so happened that Amma, as usual, was in her trance state, and suddenly Siva Prabhakar ji was seen there, circling around Amma and dancing clapping his hands shouting "Kali, Kali!". After that it is said that she was blessed by him and he gave her advices. The gentleman also told that Sree Prabhakar ji had also blessed Sri Sri Ravi Shakar ji during his young days much before Art of Living became popular and also is supposed to have given him advice and taught him some kriyas. These were some great news to me.

Here is the video of the entire FB LIVE that ends with me sitting in the car of this gentleman.

To my utter surprise, the gentleman said he would drop me straight to Patanamthita, to my greatest relief! Blessings of the MahaYogi. I thanked him profusely for all his help, but then when i got off the car, he said to me, "You must meet Amma..."  i was thrilled and i told him that i always wanted to meet her but did not know when she would be in her ashram in India (as she is always travelling globally for her satsangs). He said she is very much there in the ashram to be great surprise and told me that from where we were standing right now, it was only about 2 hours from there to her ashram. i was pretty much shocked. It was like a lead to my next destination and what better to have received it from the place of Sree Prabhakar ji who already had this connection with Amma. And this gentleman to connect me to both of them dearly! I soon got a bus to Mavelikara and from there boarded my night train back to Kochi having reached home by midnight.

After a day's rest i again leave an early morning, this time deeper down south of Kerala to meet Amma, the hugging saint.

i learnt from the internet that his first avatar was in a place called Oachira, which reminds me of my journey after visiting the Mahasamadhi of Sree Siva Prabhakar ji, i had been to visit Amma in Amritapuri Ashram in Kollam. After a two-day stay there, two gentlemen offered to drop me upto a place called Oachira from where they said i would get a bus to Mavelikara. As they dropped me they told me to surely visit the Oachira temple, which is a powerful open temple dedicated to "nothingness" where there are no idols or sanctum. Now, i am glad to see this detail that this was the first avatar place of Sree Siva Prabhakar ji. i had not know it then when i had visited or would have made some inguiries there, but anyways, i am glad i was there for sometime in that space there, which i found profoundly different and powerful. Below is the LIVE facebook video i made there in Oachira.

For all deep details about the great MahaYogi Sree Siva Prabhakar ji, please click here.

Gurudeva Sharanam, GuruMandala Sharanam!


North Goa

Had a day last week in Goa and we friends, as usual, decided to move to a place that was pending from the past two years. Perne in North Goa which had a Jeeva Samadhi of a great Siddha. Invoking our Gurudev, as we began, we were wondrously guided to many other marvelous locations, which later realized were huge bonuses. We left morning from Vasco towards North Goa, first stopping at a Shakti location at the riverbed of Terekol.


Then, we proceeded to stop to have lunch in Shiroda, one of the infamous beach me and my school friends used to come about 7 years ago to smoke, booze and relish sea food . Years down the line, this time, Baba's grace, it's pure veg lunch here ツ From here we move towards the famous Redi Ganapathy at the shores of Vengurla in Maharashtra. In 1976, a truck driver, who was a Ganesh-devotee, had a dream in which Lord Ganesh told him that he was underneath this place. The driver informed the villager elders, who dug up the place to find a huge 6 feet one-stone-cut idol of Ganesha. Since then this place is known for it's own powers.

From, here we move to Arambol beach, the place of Lord Parshuram's yagna. The sacred ash from the yagna can still be found on this little hill overlooking the sea that lies about 100 feet down. A very beautiful place to meditate.



After spending about two hours here, we move towards Perne which contains the renovated Jeeva Samadhi of Dattagiri Mahapurush that is more than 800 years old.

By the time we reach back to Vasco, it is 10 pm and we realize we spent about 12 hours in this these visits that were beyond any words to describe. One of the best one-day spiritual picnic. Namo Gurudev..........


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